Visual Facilitation Visual Facilitation

Together with a coach we specifically work on content and questions, that we draw live in a visual journal to make them understandable.

Graphic Recording Graphic Recording

A creative image journal arouses interest, motivation and the initiative of the participants. Live drawn contents become comprehensible and and grant the spoken word additional weight.

Murals Murals

We paint on large walls with a motive exclusively developed for you.

Animation Animation

Moving image + explanation = explanation movie: an unbeatable combination to communicate content in an exemplifying way.

Illustration Illustration

Information are communicate through illustration: we draw you contents!

Event Drawing Event Drawing

Are you in need of live event illustrations? We draw at weddings, fairs, social events…


19 Jul 2016

Was ist Graphic Recording?


Spiegel online berichtet sehr schön und ausführlich über das Berufsbild des Graphic Recorders auf:

12 Jul 2016

Graphical notes | FWTM Freiburg


The FWTM (Freiburgs economy, touristic and fair mbH & Co. KG) invited the persons working in art and cultural sector to a network and exchange meeting themed „Moving culture!“. Present was Lively Lines employee Ludmilla Bartscht who spontaneously made some graphical notes.


  • «We had great results after the first hour already – there has been a lot of creating and drawing.» Handing out cards and flyers und Flyer is easy. Head of New Technologies Christian Studer was happy to have surprised the interested students with an original concept.

    - Christian Studer | SCHINDLER Aufzüge AG

  • «That’s really great. I absolutely like it!» said the speaker at the forum «cultural education & Intercultural art and culture».


    - Karin Joggers | Leiterin des Anti-Bias-Forum Freiburg
  • «Images sum up many words and are still comprehensable at one glance. Lively Lines draws that kind of images during a talk. I can only reccomend the service and the team.»

    - Tobias Seemiller | Fokus N