Good Results – Easy & Comprehensible

Drawings and sketches can make even complex facts appear to be easy. This elementariness of image language enables to structure connections and to put content into a nutshell (what a great image!).
Graphic Recording provides convincing results, with what all participants can identify and also remains retraceable and clear later.

Better Mental Notes
Many people remember things mainly through the visual channel, that means images work like memory hooks and strengthen the memory ability.

Remove Prejudices
To display in images supports an open-mindedness in the viewer, for example if there are difficult or uncomfortable issues to be spoken of. The drawn images can remove barriers much more effective than only words or written intentions.

Local & Sustainable
We offer Graphic Recording in the main region Bayern, Schwaben and Baden Württemberg and also beyond that. We set high value on regional and sustainable quality.


Our offers are:


With Graphic Recording we record a process live in drawings, visualize the essentials of a dialogue, a meeting or an event.
The participant of the event can get a general idea and immerges into the subject in a short time. Whether for presentations, speeches, workshops, trainings or large group formats such as World Café or Fishbowls – Graphic Recording brings the essential into focus, makes concrete and comprehensible at a glance.


Together with a coach we specifically work on content and questions, that we draw live in a visual journal to make them understandable.


Moving image + explanation = explanation movie: an unbeatable combination to communicate content in an exemplifying way.


Information are communicate through illustration: we draw you contents!


Are you in need of live event illustrations? We draw at weddings, fairs, social events…
Live drawn images bring double joy! Besides portraits and life lines, we also draw your individual wishes. Contact us!


We paint on large walls with an exclusively for you developed motive.
To draw at walls leads to great effects: to bring joy to everyone at public spaces, to rise life quality at boring, bare walls or even to enrich the fantasy in children’s rooms. We are used to drawing at large spaces therefore exactly right in the execution of this rather difficult area of largescale drawing. We design the motives with you and will draw the final image quickly on location.