With Graphic Recording we record a process live in drawings, visualize the essentials of a dialogue, a meeting or an event.

Visual process-attendance
The participant of the event can get a general idea and immerges into the subject in a short time. Whether for presentations, speeches, workshops, trainings or large group formats such as World Café or Fishbowls – Graphic Recording brings the essential into focus, makes concrete and comprehensible at a glance.


With a creative image-journal contents are documented clear and descriptive: spoken words transferred into image and typography.

Participants absorb the speech – also complex contents – more essentially and sustainably. Because the image not only awakes factual interest but also touches us emotionally. Through visual communication purposes, concepts and operation samples are braced particular long range.

Which kind of visual process-attendance the most reasonable would be for your event we gladly sort out with you together in the run-up to the event. You find inspiration in our Portfolio, and answers to your questions in the F.A.Q.

Fotos: Jan FrommelTheaterwork-2016_0865_zensur